Participate in global innovation with the Neufund Platform

Neufund opens and re-imagines Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) for all types of companies and investors. It combines the advantages of classical equity investment with the efficiency of ICO fundraising.

The Neufund Platform is designed to be both secure and user friendly.

Neufund Platform
Two sides of the Neufund Platform

A platform for investors and companies

The Neufund Platform is designed for both sides of the investment process. It allows any kind of investor, be it individuals, business angels or institutional investors to access high-quality and diverse deals.

It enables companies from all over the world, both seed and late stage to access a unique network of investors with broad expertise and interest in funding any kind of innovation.

Demystifying blockchain

Effortless blockchain on-boarding

Neufund opens the process of an ICO to a broader audience by offering a much simpler and safer sign-up with a user-friendly web wallet. As your investment grows, you can upgrade your wallet to a hardware wallet which provides better protection for your funds.

You will be able to become a part of the crypto-world with a simple wire transfer and invest on the platform with a stable Euro Token. This way you do not have to own ETH to start participating.

For blockchain experts Neufund integrates a sign-up with a Ledger Nano S and all kinds of web3 wallets.

For investors
Manage your investments on the Neufund Platform with an easy-to-use dashboard
Investor's dashboard
Invest in innovation on blockchain

Equity Token Offering - the new type of investment mechanism

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a new powerful method for fundraising. With Neufund's innovative approach, it is now possible for companies to legally tokenize their equity and for investors to participate in Equity Token Offerings (ETOs) on the Blockchain. Neufund’s legal and technical framework allows to represent actual company shares in the form of equity tokens on-chain and gives full shareholder rights. On top of that, based on the decision of the company equity tokens may be transferred or traded on external secondary markets.

Neufund's ETOs democratise the investment process once and for all.

Stay in control of your funds

Invest with crypto and stable coins

If you are a crypto investor holding ETH, you can invest in companies and withdraw payouts in ETH. If you are an off-chain investor or a blockchain newbie, you can now invest in companies and withdraw payouts in Euro Tokens (internal stable coin) with a simple wire transfer.

All investments are denominated in Euro to protect you from the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. Euro Tokens are pegged 1:1 to Euro and serve as a purely internal tool.

Benefits of tokenization

Profits from equity tokens: ROI & high liquidity

The Neufund Platform automatically distributes proceeds to all equity token holders. You can claim your dividends or proceeds from the given company’s exit via the simple UI.

The beauty of the secondary market is its liquidity. By investing in equity tokens on the Neufund Platform, your assets stay liquid. You can sell our buy more equity tokens if you like. Terms of the ETOs are backed by investment agreements which correspond to those usually found in typical shareholder agreements. As an equity token holder, you enjoy key shareholder rights such as reports, voting in shareholder resolutions, anti-dilution protections, etc.

Benefits of tokenization
For companies
Create your company profile in no time
Investor's dashboard
You set the terms

Define the termsheet on-chain

The Neufund Platform provides a legal and technical framework to ensure an easy and fully-legal Equity Token Offering. To ease your work, we propose a standard termsheet for the ETO. However, you are in charge of setting all the commercial terms using your company dashboard on the platform.

link Neufund - Equity Token Offerings
link Neufund - FAQs for companies

Raise your funds with an ETO

Offer your equity tokens to investors

You can now launch your ETO and offer your equity tokens to all the investors on the Neufund Platform. After a successful ETO, you will sign an Investment Agreement with a Nominee representing your token holders off-chain. Hereafter, you will be able to access all the funds you raise.

The Nominee will represent all your token holders with one entry in your cap table.

After the ETO

Manage your tokenized company on-chain

The dashboard will allow you to interact with your token holders. You will be able to report to all your token holders, enable voting in shareholder resolutions and distribute dividends. This way you can manage numerous token holders without the burden of logistics.

Neufund Platform Features


Invest fully legally in Equity Token Offerings in potentially any company in the world.


Investment transactions may happen in Euro-Token (EURT), a stable internal token pegged 1:1 to the Euro. But we also accept ETH investments.


The Platform automatically distributes proceeds to all token holders.


ETOs are backed by investment agreements which correspond to those usually found in typical shareholder agreements.


ETO investors can be individuals or organisations. We have standard KYC/AML procedures like you would expect from other financial institutions, e.g. banks.


We plan to support three different authentication mechanisms. In addition, all our users will benefit from a protective wallet contract.

Become a part of the Neufund ecosystem!

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