Thank you for your interest in participating in Neufund's ICBM

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to commit funds in our ICBM.

Note: Note: Our ICBM Smart Contract is already deployed, click here or scroll down.


Can I commit funds

Of course you can! Anyone can commit funds in the Neufund ICBM. Unfortunately, due to regulatory reasons we must exclude US-citizens from the ICBM participation.

  • The min. ticket size is 1 ETH.
  • You can participate as an individual or representing a company in our ICBM.
  • KYC is not required to participate.


Which currency is allowed in the ICBM?

We accept only ETHer commitments in our ICBM.

If you do not hold ETH, we suggest buying it or exchanging other cryptocurrencies into ETH on e.g. Kraken, Coinbase or other crypto-exchange before the start of the ICBM.

Note: You cannot commit funds in the Neufund ICBM with a wallet from an exchange. Make sure to transfer your funds to a secure wallet.

To buy ETH you can go to:

How do I participate and which wallet can I use?

Participating in the ICBM

  1. Buy ETHers in a cryptocurrency exchange
  2. Transfer ETHer to a compatible wallet (see below)
  3. Send a deposit to Commitment Smart Contract address with correct data and gas limit values (see below)

Wallets supported on commit.neufund.org:

Commit your funds directly from the webpage.

These wallets are also known to be compatible with ERC20 tokens:

or any other wallet which facilitates ERC20 tokens and you are sure that it can display other tokens. You must be able to provide transaction data and gas limit during your ETH transfer. You have to be in charge of the private key.

How to use two best known wallets:

Wallets that will work but not recommended:

  • Jaxx — to display NEU tokens you will have to export Mnemonic Phrase and import it to MyEtherWallet


Incompatible wallets

Move your ETH to a compatible wallet in the above list.

DO NOT use the following wallets:

  • Any Bitcoin exchange
  • Any Ethereum exchange
  • Exodus
  • Coinbase
  • Poloniex
  • Kraken
  • Bitstamp
  • Bitfinex
  • Bitrexx
  • Cex.io
  • Coinomi

You can commit your funds here.


Where do I send the funds?

To commit funds you will need to send your ETH to the address of Commitment Smart Contract.

Your transactions should include:

All the data (e.g. transaction data and gas limit) you need will be available on commit.neufund.org starting from 17th Nov. 2017 11:00 am UTC.

Start the commitment process with this button on https://commit.neufund.org


Is my transaction secure?

Please double-check to which address you are sending your funds.

Note: Neufund will never post an smart contract address on Slack or any other channel.


How do I display my NEU tokens?

To see your commitment:

  • Go to our Status Page and enter your ETH wallet address.

To see your NEU balance with MyEtherWallet:


I need help!

If you have any further questions or troubles write at [email protected] or tag @aga on our Slack or Telegram channels.